Get Involved

As home to a series of Public Programs, Exhibitions and initiatives, we couldn’t do it without the generosity and hands on dedication by Members and Volunteers just like you.

That’s right, You. We want to get to know you. So if you were just thinking that you want to know how to get involved, here’s how…

Volunteering & Internships

We currently have a need for passionate individuals.
This coming year will be an exciting one and are looking for volunteers for these programs:

    • We have opportunities for those seeking Museum Docent training via our Oral History Public Program.
    • We are seeking history buffs who could assist the Historical Archive in cataloging our extensive photography collection for our Museum Exhibits.
    • We’re looking for assistants able to work hands-on and online with our Director on a myriad of support projects. To volunteer or inquire about internships tell us a little about yourself on our Contact Page.
    • Professionals with experience in exhibition design, interior planning and architecture, please say hello.
    • We will have a need for volunteers with the expertise to work on construction projects. Experience in building, materials, wiring, painting, lighting we would love to know you.

For all contributions,  collaborations, and gen’l inquiries please Contact Us Here.

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