Beijing Middle School No. 166 Choir

The Museum of Social Justice is located in one of the most visited sites on the Plaza. It is a place were magical moments seem to occur quite frequently. On January 24th our interns Chae Lee and Joel Loaiza were lucky enough to witness one of those moments while undergoing docent training for the Museum. Chae employed her talents as a videographer to capture a beautiful impromptu concert by Middle School No. 166 choir from Beijing, China. They were in Los Angeles to participate in the 6th Hollywood “Angel Cup” International Youth Music & Arts festival.
The members of the group were: Group Leader: Cathy Liu Conductor: Dun XiaoLei, Musical teacher: Yuling Peng.  They sang the song “The Moon”
The group said, “someone had suggested that they visit the church.” They came in to see the details of the church. They were surprised and interested in the fact that the church is located in the center of a big city because in China, churches are located in remote places.
Then they proceeded to take advantage of the exceptional acoustic qualities of the church.
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MSJ Historian Keith Rice
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