Con Safos: Reflections of Life in the Barrio (February 6, 2017- August 27, 2017)

Con Safos: Reflections of Life in the Barrio

Courtesy of Oscar Castillo

Con Safos Magazine was a leading Chicano literary journal that emerged in the late 1960’s to the 1970’s in the East Los Angeles Barrio. Con Safos Magazine offered a Chicano first voice to address and document “El Movimiento.”

This exhibition chronicles the Chicano social and cultural activism through visual and literary art reflecting life in East Los Angeles, including oral testimonies, personal poems and satirical musings, painting, photography, photo collages, comics, documentaries, social activism and other cultural forms of expression.

The Museum would like to thank Con Safos for their time and generosity.  Not only did their work and talent make the exhibition a success, but their kindness in sharing their stories of Con Safos magazine, the Chicano Movement, and Los Angeles with visitors and museum interns truly enriched the overall experience of the exhibition. We thank you.

Please, take a look of some highlights.

Con Safos Celebrates 50th Anniversary & Tortilla de Oro Awards


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