Exodus Exhibit (September 2014- September 25, 2015)

Exodus is a photographic exhibition of the work of Julian Cardona that documents the forced modern-day exodus of people from Mexico to the United States. The exhibit covers Cardona’s work between 1997-2008. Using Juárez, Mexico as his model, Cardona’s images represent the fear and violence that plague many Mexican border towns. The images construct a visual narrative representative of the many untold stories of migrants who risked injury, attack, rape and death to cross the treacherous desert between Mexico and the United States. Cardona’s images capture migrants after they cross the border employed in backbreaking work in construction, agriculture, and other industries, but also families who hope to find the elusive “American dream.” Throughout this exhibit Julian Cardona provides an intimate window into the journey that countless people embark on in search of a better life.

Please enjoy the online digital exhibition that displays selected image from Exodus


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