Integrated Learning Class: Otis College of Art and Design – 2013


Final Presentation – December

On December 10, 2013 the Otis College of Design class presented their final presentations at the Museum of Social Justice.

The third Otis class will begin on January 28th, 2014.


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Integrated Learning Class Final Presentation

On May 7, the students from Otis College returned to La Plaza UMC, to present the final results of their project ideas to the Museum of Social Justice board of directors. The students refined their projects to the point where board members were so impressed that they would like to see them implemented in the near future. Once again the presentation went over the allotted time because the student’s ideas generated a great deal of discussion. Please enjoy the photos from their final presentation.

Adam BergStudents 3Students 4Students 2Students 5Students 6Student presentingStudents 7Otis 1Otis 2


Integrated Learning Class: Otis College of Art and Design Update

On April 9, 2013 Museum of Social Justice board members Leonora Barron, Walter Dominguez, Betty Huebner, Keith Rice, and La Plaza UMC board member Joe Rodriguez visited the main campus of Otis College of Art and Design. The board members attended a presentation of projects developed by the students that addressed the needs of the Museum of Social Justice. Before the presentations started, Integrated Learning Director, Richard Shelton took the group on a tour of Ahmanson Hall. Board members observed how students applied both low and high tech applications to create everything from simple wooden toys, to sophisticated 3D printed items designed on the latest computers. The board members were astonished at the amount of creativity possessed by the student body and faculty at the Lincoln Blvd. campus.

Professor Berg’s student’s presentations proved just how talented the students at Otis College really are. Board members were impressed with each idea that the teams presented. The presentations included dialogue between the board members, Professor Berg, and the students. Professor Berg encouraged board members to ask questions and make suggestions to help the students further develop their ideas. Each presentation generated considerable dialogue between all those in attendance. The students responded positively to all feedback and suggestions. A final presentation will take place on May 7, 2013 at the Museum of Social Justice. Please revisit the website in May to see the outstanding results of the students dedication and hard work.

Otis Group 2-4 Otis Group 3-2 Otis Group 3-4 Otis Group 5-3

Otis Group 6-3 Otis Group 6-4Mariam, Gia, and Molly Group 1 Otis Group 2-3 Otis Group 5-4

Integrated Learning Class: Otis College of Art and Design

Professor Adam Berg, under the auspices of Integrated Learning Director Richard Shelton at Otis College of Art and Design in West Los Angeles, brought his class of 23 sophomore students to the Museum of Social Justice to explore La Plaza Methodist Church’s long history of social activism and outreach into the surrounding neighborhoods – LA’s oldest and most historically rich, but economically poor, immigrant and multi-ethnic. The Integrated Learning Program provides all BFA students with a series of collaborative experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of their major, integrate disciplinary skills and knowledge, and are sited within a public context. These Otis students come from a variety of academic disciplines at Otis: such as Architecture, Interior Architecture, Digital Media, Fashion Design, and Painting. The students themselves represent a cross-section of ethnicities and countries of origin, reflecting Los Angeles’ rich diversity. They will work as teams to identify the needs of the Museum of Social Justice as it establishes its museum and expands its educational programs, as well as focus on the needs of the surrounding community. From this the students themselves will design projects that are intended to aid or contribute to the goals of the museum and also of the adjacent historic district at Olvera Street and the Los Angeles Plaza. Professor Berg and student mentor Aaron Henne will be bringing the class back to the Museum of Social Justice throughout the semester to develop their projects and be inspired and guided by the many well-known and hidden cultural, architectural and historical treasures located there.
























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