November Birthdays

Please join us celebrating the birthdays of these notable figures and applaud them for their work in Social Justice. 

*The Museum of Social Justice would like to hear from you! If there is a notable figure who was born in December and should be recognized in our Monthly Birthday posts, please feel free to email Please submit by November 15, 2014. The winner will receive a prize. 

Dorothy Day (November 8th, 1897)

            Dorothy Day was a social activist and journalist who co-founded The Catholic Worker, a newspaper that promoted Catholic ideas and raised social justice issues. As an activist, she protested for the Women’s Suffrage movement in 1917. The Catholic Worker became a successful publication that initiated the Catholic Worker Movement. This movement challenged social justice issues guided by religious beliefs. This movement continues to thrive in communities throughout the United States and abroad.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (November 13th, 1969)

            Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, writer, and politician. She advocates for women’s rights and against female genital mutilation. Hirsi Ali is also the founder of the AHA foundation. This non-profit organization helps protect and defend the rights of women in the West from oppression justified by religion and culture. AHA also contests the denial of education for girls, genital mutilations, forced marriages, honor violence and killings, and suppression of information. In 2005, Time Magazine named Hirsi Ali as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Hirsi Ali has won a free speech award, the Moral Courage Award for commitment to conflict resolution, ethics, and world citizenship, and many other awards and recognitions.

Elizabeth Stanton (November 12th, 1815)

             Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a social activist, women’s rights activist, and abolitionist. She was a leading figure in the women’s rights movement.  In 1848, Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which was created to help secure equal rights for women. Other social issues she challenged included: women’s parental and custody rights, property rights, divorce, birth control, and supported the temperance movement. Stanton also authored and co-authored History of Woman Suffrage and the Woman’s Bible.

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