Uniting for Social Justice Gala

Thank You!

The Museum of Social Justice Board Members would like to thank everyone who helped make our 2012 Gala such a successful event. Volunteers are the backbone of any museum and we especially like to thank the students who took time from their busy schedules to help out. We can’t forget all of the children, friends, and family members of our board members who worked tirelessly to help produce the Gala. Thank you to our city officials and El Pueblo Commission members who took the time out of their busy schedules to help our dream move closer to reality. We appreciate your ongoing support. We would also like to thank all of our guests, donors, sponsors, and advertisers. Because of your generous contributions to the Museum of Social Justice, we are much closer to becoming the major institution situated at the birthplace of Los Angeles that we want to share with the world. Most of all we would like to thank our honorees whose life work for the benefit of others represents the very spirit of the Museum of Social Justice.

Thank You Sponsors!

Title Sponsors:

  • Rose and Thomas Ochi
  • United Methodist Ministries of the West District UMC


  • Panda Charitable Foundation

VIP Sponsor:

  • Cal-Pac Justice and Compassion Essential Ministry Team
  • Joe and Monica Rodriguez
  • First UMC of Glendale

Community Partners:

  • Michael Lara and Leonora Barron
  • Chasing Light Pictures LLC
  • Aida Feria
  • Deanne and Byron Hayes
  • Kent and Norma Kachigian
  • Kathey Michelle Ministries, Inc. & Legrace Land Development, LLC
  • Bill Rumble and Carol Jacques
  • Bishop Mary Ann Swenson and Jeffrey Swenson
  • Betty Venegas-Huebner
  • Chinese UMC of Los Angeles

Uniting for Social Justice: The Goal

We are pleased to announce that 2012 Museum of Social Justice Gala was quite a success. In addition to honoring activists who have spent their lives engaged in the struggle for social justice, the Gala’s secondary purpose included raising funds to help construct the museum space in the basement of the La Plaza United Methodist Church. Although we came close to meeting our financial goal for the night, we are still in need of further funding. Channel 7 ABC News correspondent, Miriam Hernandez, did an exceptional job of striking the perfect balance of seriousness and humor in leading the evening’s compelling program. One of the highlights of the night included Board of Directors President, Walter Dominguez’s, short documentary film The Museum of Social Justice: Telling the Story of the People. It was an unforgettable night that featured real life examples of men and women at the forefront of the fight for social justice. Social injustices are at the core of many of the problems that the world faces now, just as it did a century ago when the La Plaza United Methodist Church began its social programs. Please continue your support by directing your friends, family members, and acquaintances to the Museum of Social Justice website, so they too can participate in the rebirth of Los Angeles on Olvera Street.

Please enjoy the images below and visit our Youtube page to watch the honorees and Miriam Hernandez speaking at the Uniting for Social Justice Gala. 

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* Photos were taken by Ana Lucia Urdiales


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