Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery ~ Thank You

The board of directors would like to thank Chasing Light Pictures for donating the proceeds from the screening of Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, to support the historical exhibitions and educational outreach programs of the Museum of Social Justice. Being selected for such a generous donation has been one of the highlights of the season. It was a star-studded event that brought together members of the entertainment industry, diverse religious communities, and human rights activists all under one roof to experience a family’s amazing journey of discovery. We would also like to thank the volunteers who donated their precious time to help make the evening such a resounding success. Please enjoy the photographs from this extraordinary event below.


Matt, Christina Anapau, and friend Bishop Minerva Carcaño Bishop Swenson & Rev. Mardy Olivas Sr MSJ Board MembersMonica, Michael Alcouloumre and friend Matt, Sondra Currie, Maitland Ward Marx Gutierrez, Jennifer Gutierrez, Stewart & Pat Kwoh Keith Rice, Liza Posas, and Greg PadillaShelley Morrison, Miriam Hernandez, Walter Dominguez, Ellen & John Wang Jasmine, Betty Venegas Huebner, Leonora Barrón Emily Morrison Elya Baskin Claudia & Kate Linder Chhan Mech, Kate Flannery, and Shirley Liu Blanca Blanco, Betsy Randle, and John SavageWalter Dominguez, Lee Purcell, and Mr. and Mrs. Andre Aldredge






























Vivian Corsa Tina Frausto Rubia Brooks Nicole Pasten Missy McCreary Matthew Brooks Mary Hogg David Gonzalez Claudia Gill

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